I'm chubby and poor where's my fashion blog?!

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Jan 29

Just hanging out yo. Can’t beat denim, leather and star patterns all together like omg this shit rocks

Oct 6

RHINESTONES. seriously, that’s all that needs to be said

Oct 3

Depressing day today. Think clouds, think essays, think stress. But, at least I have a gr8 outfit 2 brighten up the day.

Purple blue and red and all complementary as they sort of make eachother, right? And if you do not own velvet then get onto that it is the best. That green jacket I am wearing is also sort of velvet so get all the feels. Lovingggg my hair colour at the moment, Why have normal hair when you can have coloured hair. Farmers does not share my sentiments on that one.

Shirt: Vintage

Jacket: Vintage Survival/ Glassons

Skirt: Glassons

Boots: Vintage Doc Martens

Bracelet: Beads from Omani market

Yesterday was a sunny not sunny day, like how is one meant to dress for a simultaneously hot/cold day? This post will make no sense, I am onto my 4th coffee and 2nd essay of the day.

Red with any colour looks fucking awesome in my opinion, as you will soon see. I wear my docs every day of my life ever I love them more than anything. Clashing stuff is so awesome and just rock it!   

Dress: Vintage Laura Ashley

Shoes: Vintage Doc Martens


Peace owt

Hae guize

So, here goez! Pretty much I lyk fashion blogs but lyk they r alwayz so boring!You know? Like I just want 2 look at pretty clothes which are also fun. Fashion is all about fun! So here it is. Enjoy, I alwaez do xo